ABC's of Bass, The - 1 /Absolute Beginner to Intermediate Student

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Janice Tucker Rhoda brings her innovative approach to string pedagogy, combining as it does the Suzuki rote learning approach with the more traditional reading requirements of older methods, to the String Bass. Mindful of the idiosyncrasies of bass tuning and technique, the author has brilliantly adapted her approach to the bass. The key elements are emphasized throughout: intonation, bow technique, correct posture, steady rhythm, accurate reading, ET. Al. The early exercises incorporate the necessary basics of music reading and the musical examples/selections are the familiar mix or original melodies, folk songs and classical selections. ABCs of Bass will cover the essential material in two books (supplemented by two accompaniment books). This book is a perfect way to launch adult and younger students on the string bass.cf1bf1fs14

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ABC's of Bass, The - 1 /Absolute Beginner to Intermediate Student
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